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Reducing sexual males dysfunction using Natural foods

Makpoul K .R

Lack of important vitamins and mineral in unhealthy food lead to a disturbance in testosterone level, also lead to an increase in the activity of each enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO-B) which responsible for depression, and Phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) which enzyme res2aqponsible for low blood flow to peripheral vascular. Despite the prevalence of drugs to this problem did not reach the level of satisfaction of the efficacy and safety effects. in this study, male sexual dysfunction has required the agent that is effective, cheap and easy. Though natural food is reputed for aphrodisiac activity in traditional folklore, no scientific evidence is available. Therefore, we aimed to determine the effect of date paste with Angelica sinensis and calycotome villosa as dietary supplement on male dysfunction in animal model. Our data showed a significant increase in serum testosterone level. However, also suppress MAOB and PDE-5 activities. Taken all together, the natural dietary supplement could enhance male sexual desire and performance via the increased of testosterone level suppression of MAOB and PDE-5 activities.