पोषण और चयापचय में अंतर्दृष्टि


Newborn care and breastfeeding practices in Bangladesh.

Md. Saifullah Sakib

Newborn care and breastfeeding practices are important to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality for every country. Newborn care practices are related with some demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. In Bangladesh still seventy-one percent of births are delivered at home. Health facility is also increasing day by day and that factors are related with safe newborn care practices. So, it is important to investigate the correlates of safe newborn care practices among women in Bangladesh. This study used data structured from BDHS, 2011 where number of children 3290 who born last three years preceding the survey. Bivariate analysis is used to examine the differentials in safe newborn care practices by number of selected background variables. The study also used simple logistic regression model and multinomial logistic regression model to identify the important determinants of different component of safe newborn care practices. This study focuses mother’s education has positive and significant impact on safe newborn care practices. There are also some factors region, wealth index, assistance at delivery, place of residence and birth order that have significant impact on safe newborn care practices.