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Adverse effects of pesticides in inhibiting glutathione levels: Fludioxonil and effects.

Deepthi Ashok

Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST) is a group of detoxicating enzymes that catalyze the conjugation of reduced glutathione with toxic metabolites. It has been referred to as playing a key role in health during this global pandemic that helps our body's cells fight against diseases like COVID-19. Certain active ingredients present in pesticides were found to produce an inhibitory effect against the enzyme activity of glutathione. Fludioxonil, a fungicide used for seed storage and in the extension of shelf life of the products, is said to weaken the glutathione levels. According to the Pesticide Action Network, fludioxonil residuum has been detected in certain fruits and vegetables including grapes, strawberries, cucumber, and carrot. Moreover, it was under the list of the "six most concerning pesticides" by Consumer Reports 2020.Therefore, it is best advised to practice a healthy lifestyle by eating organic foods to maintain glutathione levels in the body.