जैव रसायन और जैव प्रौद्योगिकी जर्नल

आयतन 4, मुद्दा 2 (2021)

शोध आलेख

Food availability and accessibility indicator of performance of family farms in terms of food and nutritional security.

  • Hawey Tahirou*, Sitou Lawaly, Idrissa Soumana, Maman Mansour Abdou, Zoubeirou Alzouma Mayaki
शोध आलेख

Determining the potential of both pure anaerobic sludge and anaerobic sludge mixed with Eucalyptus' ashes as fertilizers.

  • Saidelamine Abibe Mahadal*, Gino Roberto Gehling, Antonio Comando Suluda, Momade Sefu