जर्नल ऑफ़ डर्मेटोलॉजी रिसर्च एंड स्किन केयर


Teledermatology benefits and risk factors in treating people with melanoma.

Gwizdz Czop

Telemedicine is a contemporary technology that enables remote medical care. Dermatology is ideally suited for this type of healthcare system because it is a visually-reliant speciality. This has been demonstrated in several recent research that focused on the viability and dependability of teledermatology. While the morbidity of skin cancer is on the rise, many patients still lack access to proper dermatological care. The advancement of technology has made it possible for practitioners to treat a variety of patient populations who require skin knowledge without raising their overhead costs. Health care professionals can utilise teledermatology to deliver clinical services to patients, monitor patient health, confer with other healthcare professionals, and give patients access to educational resources, among other uses. Teledermatology appears to hold the key to solving a number of problems relating to the detection, monitoring, and treatment of malignancies as well as pigmented skin diseases