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Prevalence Of Usage Of Different Retrograde Filling Materials During Perforation Repair

Swetaa A, Vigneshwar*

Introduction: Perforations from the pulp to the surrounding periodontium may occur from resorptive defects, caries or iatrogenic events during endodontic treatment. Perforations create an artificial communication between the root canal system and the supporting tissues of the teeth. Factors that affect treatment prognosis of perforation repair include the level, location and size of the perforation, the time delay before perforation repair and the material used to seal the perforation. An insufficient access cavity reduces the quality of root canal debridement and may affect the final root canal preparation shape. The aim of the study is to determine the prevalence of usage of retrograde filling material in perforation repair.

Material and methods: The study was done in an institutional setting. This is a retrospective study in which the case records of 70 patients were reviewed and details such as gender, age, type of materials used were collected. Details were tabulated in excel and results were obtained using SPSS. Chi square analysis was performed to find out the association between different variables.

Results: The age group of 36-50 years was high with perforation repair which is about 50%, people of 15-35 years age group were 27.94% and 50-80 years were about 22%. Female patient who have perforation repair were high which is about 51.47% compared to males which is about 48.53%.Types of materials used during perforation repair were bio-aggregate material which is about 75%, RMGIC which is about 10.29%, GIC is about 10.29% and calcium hydroxide which is about 4.41%. Bio-aggregate material is most commonly used in 36-50 years which is about 38.4% where the p> 0.05 value is not significant.

Conclusion: Within the limits of the study, it was concluded that bio-aggregate material was the most common material used during perforation repair with female predilection.