पर्यावरणीय जोखिम मूल्यांकन और निवारण


Microbiological Analysis for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Syed Mohsin Waheed*, Palak Sangal, Shivangi Shukla

Search for crude oil and gas is a national priority and the economy of a country greatly depends on it. Various types of surveys are being carried out to find the accumulations of hydrocarbons. The most commonly used conventional surveys are geological and seismic. Nevertheless all oil companies resort to unconventional methodologies termed as surface prospecting techniques. Surface prospecting reduces the risk and enhances success ratio. Geomicrobial prospecting for hydrocarbon is one such methodology which is found highly target focussing. The Geomicrobial surface prospecting technique is a frontier technology used for prospecting hydrocarbon fields. Attempts have been made to exploit the ability of microbes to utilize gaseous hydrocarbons in prospecting for Hydrocarbon deposits. Gaseous hydrocarbons are usually associated with oil deposits and microbes can use these hydrocarbons. It is assumed that soil samples containing gaseous hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganism may be indicative of nearby hydrocarbon accumulations. This indirect method could hopefully increase the chances of finding hydrocarbon reservoir and could be a relatively inexpensive and environment friendly way of discovering areas for hydrocarbon prospective techniques, provides additional exploratory leads for hydrocarbon exploration.