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Renewable energy is energy produced from sources that do not deplete or can be replenished within a human’s life time. Some of the renewable energy examples are wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen production, biomass, and hydropower. This is in contrast to non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. Euro Renewable Energy 2021 focuses on bringing together International Associations, Research Institutions, Leading Universities, Researchers, scientists, industrialists, policymakers, and academicians to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Renewable Energy, Students, Business Delegates and Young Researchers around from all over the world, providing you best opportunity to attract new prospects, introduce new products, and give product demonstrations to buyers in your field. Longdom inviting you a warm invitation to attend Euro Renewable Energy 2021. It is focusing on ‘Think Renewable Energy for a Better Future’ to enhance and explore knowledge among Energy Departments and Environmental Science field to establish corporations and exchanging ideas. Providing the good platform to present Keynote talks, Plenary sessions, Discussion Panels, B2B Meetings, Poster symposia, Video Presentations, and Workshops. Scientific sessions of Euro Renewable Energy 2020 include Resources of Energy, Solar energy, wind Energy, Wave energy, Bioenergy, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Energy. Euro Renewable Energy meeting with Keynote Session, Oral Session, Poster Session, Young Researchers Session and Exhibitor Session. France is hosting the Euro Renewable Energy 2021 During March 22-23, 2021. Paris is the capital city of France and most attracted city, normally known as the city of lights. Paris is a world-renowned visitor goal with add up to populace of around 2.2 million and a multicultural center point in the European district. Paris is the most visited in the Europe Country and also second biggest metropolitan territory and in the Europe sharing one fifth of the aggregate European populace. Euro Renewable Energy 2021 has been concluded with the discussion on Renewable Resources, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Wave Energy, Bioenergy, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Energy and Biofuel Energy. Attendee includes companionship of our Organizing Committee Members, Keynote Speakers, Oral and Poster Presenters. With the unique feedbacks from Euro Renewable Energy 2020 would like to announce the commencement 3rd Edition of New Frontiers in Renewable Energy and Resources during March 22-23, 2021 in Paris, France based on the