जर्नल ऑफ़ क्लिनिकल डेंटिस्ट्री एंड ओरल हेल्थ


Incidence of Class I vs. Class II dental caries in general population-A retrospective study

Tasleem Abitha S, Anjaneyulu K

Introduction: The prevalence of dental caries due to the continuous improvement of living conditions, improved self-care practices, effective use of fluorides, adoption of healthy lifestyles and implementation of preventive oral care programs while in developing countries increasing the level of dental caries and treatment need has been observed. Materials and methods: This study is a retrospective cross sectional study conducted in a Private Dental Institution, in Chennai to determine the class I vs. class II dental caries with the approval from the Institutional Review Board. It included demographic data of the patients along with dental status of each individual. The data collection was done by reviewing the patient's record and analysed the data of 86000 patients between June 2019 and March 2021. Results: From our current study it is seen that, majority of the participants who had class I and Class II caries were between the age group of 31-45 years (29.9%) followed by 46-60 year (28.5%), 16-30 years (22%), >15 years (16.8%) and more than 60 years (2.5%). From our current study it is seen that, around 54.2% of the population had class I caries whereas 45.7% of the population had class II caries. Conclusion: Within the limits of the current study it has been proven that, Class I caries are more prone to affect the general population than Class II caries.