जर्नल ऑफ़ बायोमेडिकल इमेजिंग एंड बायोइंजीनियरिंग


Error elimination algorithm for semi-automated Hessian matrix candidate selection specially for retinal images with exudates to detect diabetic retinopathy.

Shreya Singh Chauhan, Awadhesh Gupta, Rekha Gupta

Image processing has been used to detect Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) by using computer based algorithms. Diabetic Retinopathy may leads to vision loss occurs due to retinal disorders. There are many algorithms proposed by researchers in which one of the popular algorithms is SHCS. But SHCS algorithm didn’t work better with retinal images with exudates for detection of Microaneurysms (MA) &Hemorrhages (HMA). The proposed error elimination algorithm is very effective in removing false negative in the retinal image.