मधुमेह विज्ञान जर्नल


Diabetes a global epidemic

Jakeer Hussain

Diabetes is one of the oldest disease described. Egyptian manuscript dated back 1500 BC clearly speaks much about it. The Eber Papyrus includes a recommendation to take a special kind of drink to take it. The word Diabetes was known and described by Greek Apollonius in 230 BCE and disease was known to many great civilizations also, but it was in the last century that we knew many interesting facts about this common disease. In the last two centuries diabetes had become a common disease and has spread in the world as epidemic much in developing countries like India. With the coming o newer medicines and latest clinical trials, we had made progressive knowledge about its pathogenesis and management. Research had shown that in India Diabetes is more prevalent in urban areas as compared to rural areas and Indians even with less Body Mass Index are more vulnerable as compared to the Caucasian races. According to world Diabetes Atlas, India is projected to have around 62 million people with diabetes. India has highest number of diabetes patients as compared to China and United States. It is predicted that by the year 2030, India would have more than 80 million people suffering from Diabetes while China would have 42.5 million and United States would have 30.5 million. Diabetes can be managed by keeping Body Mass Index lower than 25, by cessation of smoking, exercise and yoga. Government of India should take some initiative to curb this menace.